About Us

Hi there Neighbor!

HighSpeed Country Internet

Like you, we understand how hard it is to find good, reliable internet in Haralson County. For years we have watched our friends and neighbors struggle to run their businesses on poor connections. We have seen children struggle to keep up with their classmates, all because their homes are not serviced by the big-name internet companies.

That’s when we decided: enough is enough. What we are offering you provides a reliable, wireless high-speed internet connection that is strong enough to support your business and/or family’s internet needs. Like people in big-cities, people in the country deserve a local, affordable internet option.

We are now making high-speed internet available in portions of Haralson, Paulding, and Polk counties. Every day we are growing and bringing High-speed Country Internet to more and more people in our communities.

We are a family-owned and operated company that works 365 days a years, rain or shine. We have the friendliest local technical support in the area. Please feel free to call us at 866-251-4902 for more information or to sign-up today.

-The HCI Family



  • HCI is committed to growing with the communities in the areas we serve.
  • HCI offers free service to fire stations and special packages to schools and municipalities in the areas where we have coverage.
  • HCI is active in many small community fundraisers by donating time, money, and materials.


  • HCI prides ourselves on being an industry leader in our local community.
  • HCI solves problems through customized solutions.


  • HCI creates a positive culture that motivates professional and personal excellence.


  • HCI customers, big or small, receive the same high level of attention.
  • HCI focuses on customer relationships through communication.
  • HCI admits when we make mistakes and corrects the issue – earning customers for life by delivering the fastest internet service in the area.