How It Works

How your HCI service is connected to the internet

How your HCI internet connection works:

HCI is connected to the internet via what could be called a wireless fiber connection – two towers aimed directly at each other and communicating at very high speeds. (see diagram on right). HCI then connects directly with antennas on our customer’s towers, buildings, or houses. The antenna on your tower, building or house then connects wirelessly to your router or computer.

For the Internet to work properly, we have to find a clear line of sight from your tower, building or home to our tower. This will require an antenna mounted outdoors and a cable from the computer or router to the antenna – all provided by HCI. To ensure the best Near Line of Sight (NLOS) conditions for your wireless equipment, we mount the antenna as high as possible. In the event that you have a tripod, TV or radio tower, the additional elevation assists in ideal NLOS conditions. The antenna has an Ethernet network connection which can be used to connect to a computer or router. No additional software is required to be installed, providing a simple, problem-free connection.


Signal Check

A signal check is required to verify that we are able to provide you with Internet Service. Signal Checks are free. Please email us with your exact location, see our Contact Page. Once we have that and have identified your location, we will contact you to set up your Free Signal Check.

Plans are available up to 1 GBPS.

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